"We inspire the world to be present, experience moments of happiness, create valuable conversations through our clothing!"

Elevated Fits embodies classic and modern streetwear - cool, colorful class that you can wear to the street. Designing timeless lifestyle clothing for you, the founder Hala Hana Chung [HHC], designs Elevated Fits collections to do just that - elevate your fit. 


With an eye to innovate the finest details' to creating clean looks, HHC started the brand after years obsessing with fashion. From thrift diving deals & hustling clothes from sales at the Beverly Center, to buying and managing in DTLA’s fashion industry; she’s always been in love with expressing ones elevated self through fashion. 


With wearing each piece, HHC is committed for you to feel your soul jump with the clothes you wear the most and on the daily! 


“We believe everyone is truly extraordinary. There is nothing more rare, and beautiful than you being unapologetically yourself. Comfortable in your perfect imperfection, that is the true essence of beauty. Confidence looks sexy on you!! Elevated Fits is always in creation to inspire to be true to who you are- whole, complete, and perfect.” - Hala Hana Chung